Cubieboard2 (2013-08-14)

Got the cubieboard2 working!

It's just a headless torrent server at the moment. The HDMI output isn't so hot. The video is scrunched up into the top fourth of the screen. But the web interface for Transmission and SSH now work. Which is really what matters.


  • Wait for cubieboard upgrades to better support GPU and more monitor types. Specifically, my ancient 1680x1050 LCD. But cubieteam has SSH working as of Aug 3, 2013, so it's much less of an issue. HDMI is so 2002. As is WiFi. Ethernet is where it's at.
  • Install and Configure OpenVPN.
  • Add 1 TB harddrive. Cubieboard2 has SATA =D.
  • Write scripts to intelligently sync with my power-hog with the massive disks and RAID array.
  • Emails? When torrents are done? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

As to how interacting with the computer over SSH feels, it responds quite snappily. Even for installing things. Seconds or minutes to install from apt-get. There is insta-response to pretty much all other commands I have tried.

Sooo... all in all, I am quite happy with the chip. (AllWinner A20: dual-core, 1 ghz.)

And all for ~5w. Which works out to roughly $4 per year, if I leave it on all the time. Or to put it another way, it takes like 5 of these to equal the output of a single CFL lightbulb. Oh ARM. You are amazing.

Final Fantasy V (2013-06-30)

Final Fantasy VI (2013-05-14)

Dragon Warrior (2013-01-27)

dragon warrior 1 map

dragon warrior 1 battle

dragon warrior 1 start

Ship Design Brainstorm (2013-01-26)

Here are some examples of ship designs that capture the spirit of a role. And look cool.




  • Traits: Raw strength. Loud. Aggressive. Hard-drinking. Loyal to friends.
  • Flaw: Easily fooled. Hasty. Headstrong.
  • Battle is life.




  • Traits: Clever. Marksman. Scavenger.
  • Flaw: Inflexible. Unwilling to compromise.
  • Battle to be left alone.

Rebel Alliance


  • Traits: Resilient. Independent. Enterprising.
  • Flaw: Amateur. Undisciplined.
  • Battle to end oppression.




  • Traits: Immune to fatigue and exhaustion. Impressionable. Young. Insistent.
  • Flaw: Unsure of self. Ever unsatisfied.
  • Battle is revenge.




(Unlike the others, none of this is at all like the real Vorlons.)

  • Traits: Biological ships. Regenerates slowly. Living. Breathing. Surplus of energy. Can be distributed.
  • Flaw: Weak when attacked directly.
  • Battle is a phase of the cycle.




In Star Trek, the defining characteristic of mankind, the thing that sets them apart from other races, is engineering talent.

NOT science. NOT technology. In both these areas mankind is often second-rate in Star Trek. But in terms of engineering talent, they are always supreme.

  • Traits: Ingenuity. Improvisation. Exploration. Curious.
  • Flaw: Curious. Out of touch with reality, especially realpolitik and poverty.
  • Battle is regrettable.




  • Traits: Great spies in the classic sense: not through gadgets, but by being great talkers, great liars, great blackmailers, cultivating a network of powerful, well-informed "friends." Great capacity to plot and execute elaborate schemes. Ruthless. Duty to family is all. Fond of wordplay.
  • Flaw: Megalomania.
  • Battle is a game.




  • Traits: Disciplined. Methodical. Logistics. Supply lines. Systems. Organizing large groups of people.
  • Flaw: Authoritarian.
  • Battle is not just to defeat the enemy. It is to crush them.




  • Traits: Smoke and mirrors. Strike without warning. Isolationist. Seemingly invincible.
  • Flaw: Weak once veil is penetrated. Ships and plots have a weak spot.
  • Battle is crude. Assassination is preferred.




  • Traits: Seeks data. Can exploit data. Iconoclastic.
  • Flaw: Easily bored. Easily distracted. Inconsistent.
  • Battle for the truth.




  • Traits: Smooth talker. Noble. Political. Good at negotiations. Deft manipulators.
  • Flaw: Very weak alone. Depend on good reputation.
  • Battle to defend allies.

A Short Love Poem to the Interwebs (2012-06-14)