Got the cubieboard2 working!

It's just a headless torrent server at the moment. The HDMI output isn't so hot. The video is scrunched up into the top fourth of the screen. But the web interface for Transmission and SSH now work. Which is really what matters.


As to how interacting with the computer over SSH feels, it responds quite snappily. Even for installing things. Seconds or minutes to install from apt-get. There is insta-response to pretty much all other commands I have tried.

Sooo... all in all, I am quite happy with the chip. (AllWinner A20: dual-core, 1 ghz.)

And all for ~5w. Which works out to roughly $4 per year, if I leave it on all the time. Or to put it another way, it takes like 5 of these to equal the output of a single CFL lightbulb. Oh ARM. You are amazing.

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