New Dawn

sunrise over eve kerbal space program

This ship is named "New Dawn" and it's mission is to put a space station with a science lab in orbit around Eve. There is also a small probe named "Sunrise" attached to the front of "New Dawn." If all goes well, Sunrise wil be the first Kerbal-made object to land on a new world!

The third craft involved in this little mission is the tug Labrador 1. Powered by three nuclear engine, this little tug is responsible for getting New Dawn and Sunrise to Eve, as well as for returning 1 lucky crew member and the science sample back to Kerbin.

The initial approach to Eve was without incident. And the first aerobrake was wholly successful. No fuel had to be burned in order to slow down enough to drop into orbit; the atmosphere did all the work.

After the initial aerobrake, the New Dawn burned slightly to bring its periapsis up out of the atmosphere and enter orbit. And a brave Kerbalnaut went for a nice EVA to celebrate the first time any Kerbal spacecraft has orbited another world in this career! Party!

eve mission in orbit

Now time to send the probe down to the surface.

eve probe descent

I forgot to take a picture of the landed probe. But it looked basically almost identical to this other Eve probe I sent in a different career:

eve probe landed

The next stage of this mission is to return all the collected science samples back to Kerbin. But first, time to launch for Duna!

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